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What are the common solar panels?


The principle of power generation by solar panels is the "photovoltaic effect". The crystalline silicon/amorphous silicon wafers (commonly known as solar cells) in the solar panels have a pn junction. It will output power when it is on. Now the main types of solar panels are: mono/polycrystalline silicon solar panels (efficiency 18-22%), amorphous silicon solar cells (the small piece used on the calculator, the efficiency is about 8%), thin film solar panels (efficiency Around 15%), sunpower panels (efficiency 23%); various solar panels have their advantages, and the application scenarios are also different.

Currently, single/polycrystalline solar panels are commonly used. The advantages of this solar panel are low price and high conversion efficiency; the disadvantage is that the cell is fragile, and it is easy to crack and cause the power to drop or even be unusable, so it needs to use tempered glass, pcb board Such panels are commonly used in photovoltaic power stations, solar lamps, solar monitoring and other products.

The advantages of amorphous silicon solar cells are that they have good low-light performance and are extremely cheap; the disadvantages are low conversion efficiency, low current generation, and extremely fragile; therefore, they are not suitable for products that consume large amounts of electricity, and they are commonly used in electronic calculators and outdoors. Pest repellent and so on.

The advantage of thin-film solar energy is that it is flexible and can be crimped and twisted at will; the disadvantages are low conversion efficiency, high price, and short service life. Can be made into non-planar products, related products include: solar tiles, solar backpacks, etc.

Sunpower solar panels are currently the most commonly used in the market with the highest conversion efficiency, beautiful, and can be bent about 30 degrees, so they can be made into semi-flexible solar panels, which are widely used in solar backpacks, folding bags, and solar charging on the roof of RVs. It's just that the price of sunpower is more expensive, and the production cost is high (the price of sunpower cell is about twice that of monocrystalline).

Solar energy is an inexhaustible and inexhaustible clean energy. At present, many regions are promoting the use of solar power. With the advancement of technology, more and more products for the application of solar power generation are integrated into our lives, and we have to understand them before we can choose suitable products.