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The composition of the solar module(1)

1) Tempered glass of the solar module
Its function is to protect the main body of power generation (such as battery), and its selection is required. 1. The light transmittance must be high (generally more than 91%); 2. Ultra white steel treatment

2) EVA of the solar module
It is used to bond and fix tempered glass and power generation main body (such as battery). The quality of transparent EVA material directly affects the service life of components. EVA exposed to air is easy to age and turn yellow, which affects the light transmittance of components and the power generation quality of components. In addition to the quality of EVA itself, the lamination process of component manufacturers also has a great impact, such as the bonding degree of EVA is not up to standard, Insufficient bonding strength between EVA and tempered glass and back plate will cause early aging of EVA and affect the service life of components.

3) Battery chip of the solar module
The main function is power generation. The mainstream in the main power generation market are crystalline silicon solar cells and thin-film solar cells, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Crystalline silicon solar cells have relatively low equipment cost, but high consumption and cell cost, but also high photoelectric conversion efficiency, which is more suitable for power generation in outdoor sunlight; Thin film solar cells have relatively high equipment cost, but their consumption and battery cost are very low, but their photoelectric conversion efficiency is more than half that of crystalline silicon cells, but their weak light effect is very good. They can also generate electricity under ordinary light, such as solar cells on calculators.