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The composition of the solar module(2)

5) Backplane of the solar module
Function, sealing, insulation and waterproof (generally TPT, TPE and other materials must be aging resistant. Most component manufacturers have a 25-year warranty. Tempered glass and aluminum alloy are generally no problem. The key is whether the back plate and silica gel can meet the requirements.)

6) Aluminum alloy of the solar module
Protect the laminated parts and play a certain role of sealing and support

7) Junction box of the solar module
Protect the whole power generation system and play the role of current transfer station. In case of component short circuit, the junction box will automatically disconnect the short-circuit battery string to prevent burning the whole system. The most important thing in the junction box is the selection of diodes. The corresponding diodes are different according to the type of battery in the module

8) Silica gel of the solar module
The sealing function is used to seal the junction between the component and the aluminum alloy frame, and between the component and the junction box. Some companies use double-sided tape and foam to replace silica gel. Silica gel is widely used in China. The process is simple, convenient, easy to operate and the cost is very low.