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The check and maintenance of the solar panel(2)

9. (solar panel)In windy weather, key inspection shall be carried out on the battery board and support.

10. (solar panel)In case of heavy snow, the battery panel shall be cleaned in time to avoid snow and ice on the surface of the battery panel.

11. (solar panel)In case of heavy rain, check whether all waterproof seals are in good condition and whether there is water leakage.

12. (solar panel)Check whether there are animals entering the power station to damage the battery board.

13. In hail weather, the surface of the battery panel shall be mainly inspected.

14. The temperature of the battery board is detected and compared with the ambient temperature for analysis.

15. The problems detected shall be handled, analyzed and summarized in time.

16. Detailed records shall be made for each inspection to facilitate future analysis.

17. Make analysis summary, record and archive.