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The application field of the solar panel(2)

5. Lamp power supply(solar panel): such as courtyard lamp, street lamp, portable lamp, camping lamp, mountaineering lamp, fishing lamp, black light lamp, rubber cutting lamp, energy-saving lamp, etc.

6. Photovoltaic power station(solar panel): 10kw-50mw independent photovoltaic power station, wind solar (diesel) complementary power station, charging station of various large parking plants, etc.

7. Solar building(solar panel): combining solar power generation with building materials to make the future large-scale buildings realize self-sufficiency in electricity, which is a major development direction in the future.

8. Other fields include(solar panel): (1) supporting vehicles: solar cars / electric vehicles, battery charging equipment, automotive air conditioners, ventilators, cold drink boxes, etc; (2) Regenerative power generation system of solar hydrogen production and fuel cell; (3) Power supply for seawater desalination equipment; (4) Satellites, spacecraft, space solar power plants, etc.