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The manufacturing process of the solar panel(1)

10 steps(China solar panel): slicing, cleaning, preparation of suede, peripheral etching, removal of back PN + junction, fabrication of upper and lower electrodes, fabrication of antireflection film, sintering, testing and grading.
Specific manufacturing process description of solar cell

(1) Slicing(China solar panel): the silicon rod is cut into square silicon wafer by multi wire cutting.

(2) Cleaning(China solar panel): use the conventional silicon wafer cleaning method, and then use acid (or alkali) solution to remove the cut damage layer on the silicon wafer surface by 30-50um.

(3) Preparation of suede(China solar panel): anisotropic etching of silicon wafer with alkali solution to prepare suede on the surface of silicon wafer.

(4) Phosphorus diffusion(China solar panel): the coating source (or liquid source or solid phosphorus nitride sheet source) is used for diffusion to make PN + junction, and the junction depth is generally 0.3-0.5um.