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The Difference Between Single Crystal Polycrystalline Foldable Solar Panel

The difference between single crystal polycrystalline foldable solar panel: the background color of single crystal silicon appearance is black or light blue, and the background color of the polysilicon appearance is mostly blue or black.

Single crystal polycrystalline foldable solar panel distinguishes: Compared with the polycrystalline plate having opposite power, the area is slightly larger than the area of the single crystal plate.

Single crystalline foldable solar panel Addition: The polysilicon plate can receive light in a plurality of directions and have good directionality. In practice, it is assumed that one hand covers the light of the sun and leaves shadows on the outer surface of the solar panel, so the current reduction of the polymorph panel is smaller than the single crystal panel. This is the advantage of the polymorph panel. And his price is absolutely low.