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Solar Panel is Divided into Single Crystal And Polycrystalline

The application of Foldable Solar Panel is getting more and more wide, so more and more consumers are loved. Many RV players give a long-term experience RV give to the conclusion on the ride. Yes, because of technology developed today, we go out to travel, carry a large number of electronic equipment on the car, resulting in more and more places where electricity is used. The electricity is not enough to use a lot of rooms, in order to solve this problem, now more and more RV manufacturers have begun to incorporate solar charging systems into the optional column of the car, which also attracted a potential buyer of many rivers. How to choose the solar panel?

Everyone knows that the Foldable Solar Panel is divided into single crystal, polycrystalline and amorphous silicon, and now most of the Foldable Solar Panel are mainly single crystal and polycrystalline.